Gloria and Lassie

When Gloria came to live at Lakeside Park, she brought along her cat named Romeo. There used to be a Juliet, but Juliet is in kitty heaven. Gloria has loved cats since she was a little girl and said, “We never had dogs because we’ve always lived in cities and cats do better than dogs in the city”. Unfortunately Romeo passed away sometime last year and Gloria just couldn’t get over the fact that she no longer had a kitty cat. Intern Shannon asked her family if we could let her get another cat. After much research on where to go to get a cat we ended up at Alameda Animal Shelter. Shannon and Marsha took Gloria to the animal shelter and to Gloria’s surprise she found Lassie, the cat. Lassie is a great fit for our community and is a senior too, she spends all her time in Gloria’s room sleeping on her bed and loving her new surroundings and new mommy.

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