Specializing in caring for those living with Dementia

Life. A personal journey worth celebrating.

Lakeside Park in Oakland is a nationally recognized community providing the highest level of assisted living for families and elders living with dementia. Our specialized elder care facility is a place where past accomplishments and future endeavors are celebrated, and all of us – staff, residents, and loved ones – are part of the journey.

Caring for those with dementia is our sole focus. That means our programs, our staff, and even our community have been chosen and designed with memory care in mind.

Of course, to say we are merely a community does not begin to capture all the vibrancy and warmth that our community has to offer. That’s because our focus for those living with dementia is not on what’s been lost, but what’s yet to be shared. Enriching experiences. Meaningful connections. Continuing opportunities to learn, grow, and improve.

Our spacious neighborhood design, secure outdoor spaces and charming location near scenic Lake Merritt and the popular Lakeside Park combine to create an open, welcoming atmosphere. And our highly trained dementia care staff, motivated by compassion and informed by experience, craft personalized programs designed to meet the unique needs of every resident.

We provide a spectrum of meaning-based programs that give residents a deep sense of purpose and contribution, while offering them the freedom and flexibility to participate at whatever level they desire.

Our enrichment programs weave familiar daily routines into a structure that provides comfort and well-being.

Health & Nutrition

Our food and dining program is centered upon fresh, local and healthy food choices. It allows residents to eat when they are hungry, while still providing a variety of healthy options such as finger foods, nutritional shakes, fresh fruit and salads. Many of our special events include freshly baked food by residents from their favorite recipes. These memories, smells and social interactions often encourage residents to eat a more satisfying and nutritious meal.

Physical Activity

Improving mobility and cardiovascular strength are essential to a healthy body and positive outlook. Our physical exercise program allows residents of all capabilities to participate at the level that feels right to them. Programs include range of motion classes, fine motor-skill development, modified strength training and more holistic programs that combine mind, body and spiritual exercises such as Yoga, Tai Chi and Qi Gong.

Sensory Awareness, Self-Expression & Spirituality

We believe the creative arts are healing arts. Music, singing, crafts, painting and other activities offer our residents living with dementia outlets for creative expression and the discovery of a spiritual path. Our programs allow residents to express themselves through verbal and nonverbal interactions and participate in exploring the many facets of their being.

A Connection to Nature

Being part of the world means getting out in it. Our programs allow residents living with dementia to participate in a variety of outdoor activities such as planting and caring for our community garden, walking along the beautiful Oakland lakeshore, participating in events held in our beautiful outdoor patio or going on weekly field trips. This connection to outdoor spaces has proven therapeutic value.

Family & Community Building

When we join together, we grow together. That’s why our door is always open for family and friends to join us for daily programs, a meal or special events. It’s a sense of community and connectedness that allows us to support each other, provide feedback and education, or simply share a laugh and a hug.

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