Lakeside Park is the BEST Dementia Care I have ever known in my eldercare and family advocacy since 1989! Stop by and ask for Anne or Cheryl to help you with a tour. You will be impressed at the difference they make for folks conflicted with this disease. They are wonderful!

Review by Shirley McElhattan

My mom has been her for five years. This is the best residence for those suffering from memory loss on the west coast. It is not a depressing nursing home environment at all. There are psych interns supporting and enriching the lives of the residents. The staff is incredible. Each resident is cherished and respected as an individual regardless of what stage of illness they are in from the upper management on down. They all care deeply for each resident’s well being. I feel lucky every day that I found this place for my mom. Lakeside Park is part of my family now.

Review by Constance Chapman

Lakeside Park is an exceptional facility and program. My mother lived here before she passed away from Alzheimer’s. The staff are respectful, patient, and provide comfort not only to the residents, but to the entire family. It’s a very special community and one that I grew to admire and respect during my mother’s stay. They are clearly very experienced at working with residents with multiple forms of dementia. The atmosphere is very positive and the environment is bright and interesting with an abundance of common space areas and a garden. The rooms are very nice and the facility is well maintained. The location, adjacent to Lake Merritt, is superb and beautiful. Finally, they have a wonderful intern program that attracts some of the best social works in the area. I believe that my decision to choose Lakeside is one of best decisions I’ve ever made for my family.

Review by David Harris

I am delighted with the care my wife is getting at Lakeside Park. Not only is the care exactly what I hoped for, but the kindness and compassion of the staff makes all the difference. Finally, the staff has shown great flexibility in allowing me to provide the personal care and companionship that I desire for me wife.

Review by Andy Gillin
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Lakeside Park was at the top of our list after visiting several other memory care communities in the East Bay. We had to make the choice sooner than anticipated when Mom had a medical emergency and had to be moved from the hospital to a community. Fortunately, LSP had a vacancy; they and the hospital facilitated the paperwork and the move to a shared room, even loaning us furniture until we could purchase some. LSP impressed us because of the cleanliness of the facility–bottom to top, the genuine care and passion demonstrated by the staff toward the residents, the broad array of programs to keep the residents mentally and physically stimulated, and, last but not least, the fine dining, home-style experience.

Mom is acclimating well, making new friends, participating in activities and basking in the attention.

We always feel welcome and are so grateful that our loved one is receiving 24/7 skilled care from professionals who are called to do this very special work.

Review by shaybnf
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Lakeside Park is really good. I am really happy with the facility. I have no complaints. The experience has been really well. They are doing a wonderful thing here. I am very pleased with everything.

Review by Oakland, CA Family

I logged onto the Yelp site to post an update to my original 11/27/13 review of Lakeside Park in Oakland. To my surprise I found that my review was missing in action.  I contacted Yelp help to see what was up and they said that their software automatically screens for inappropriate reviews and deletes them.  After reading over all of the “guidelines” I could not find anything that was inappropriate.  Since I had given a five star “Woohoo As good as it gets!” review that the Yelp software may have inaccurately assumed that I was some sort of a Lakeside “mole” that posted a slanted review simply to pad their rating.  I can assure anyone who is reading this that is not the case.  Look at the other reviews…..all five star.

I have asked yelp to re-post my original review so that this updated review will have more meaning.  I will be surprised if that happens so we will see if the software likes this one.

Two days ago my wife and I had a three month Family Meeting to assess how my mother-in-law is assimilating into the Lakeside Community.  Over the past three months between my wife and I and her sister we have visited at least once a week.  We communicate regularly by phone and email to follow how my mother-in-law is faring and assist in any way we can.  We receive regular updates so this meeting was scheduled as a formal summary of the past three months to benchmark the progress she has made over that time period.

Three key staff managers, including the CEO, and one of the interns [more on that later] were in the one hour long meeting.  In a nut shell the report was very encouraging.  We knew that things were getting better and better because the formally traumatic visits were becoming more and more pleasant.  over the past month the aggressive behavior has all but disappeared and she is no longer exit seeking.  This has occurred without the need for medication.

We realize that it is normal for a person with dementia to take three to six months to transition, as in my mother-in-laws case, from her home of 65 years to assisted living or memory care.  Without recapping our experiences from my original post prior to coming to Lakeside, I cannot stress enough how the environment at Lakeside Park has had a positive effect not only on her quality of life, but on the families peace of mind as well.

Aside from the physical attributes of the building design and function which are uniquely functional, it is the staff there that puts it all together and makes it work.  I am speaking of the reception everyone gets coming in the door to the maintenance staff, and everyone in between.  In my business experience I have found that the example set by management flows down through the attitude of all employees in their job performance and ability to work as a cohesive team.  It is evident that the administration sets the stage for that to occur.

Back to the interns,  this program is clearly a value added bonus to everything else Lakeside does to provide quality care.  The interns are graduate students that sign on for a year as part of their education journey. They interact with the residents on a regular basis and share valuable feed back with the staff as well as the family.  I see them as an adjunct to the team that offers a fresh perspective and another window to view the needs of the care plan developed for each individual.

So, since our introduction to Lakeside Park almost four months ago, I have not changed my first impression from day one.  We continue to be impressed on all fronts and give a two thumbs up!

Review by Gene D.

We toured with Anne and she was caring and compassionate. We met Cheryl (sp?) and she was also very nice. All of the staff we encountered seemed to care about what they are doing. We will definitely be considering Lakeside Park in the next year or two.

Review by Marla Z.

Love what you all do to help those residents suffering with their Dementia’s feel as purposeful and loved as possible. Your services stand alone and truly make a huge difference! I miss going to your Fire Side Chats due my scheduling difficulties with Threshold Choir. Thank you again for all you do! XO

Review by Shirley M.

I am not a client or family member of a client, but I wanted to simply review the excellent service I received by calling Lakeside Park to find out about their availability. Ann called me back and spoke to me at length about what I was looking for. Even though they don’t currently have a room available, she answered questions I had about hospice care and gave me recommendations for in-home caregiver services as well. It was clear that she just wanted to help–she wasn’t looking at this like a sales call. It felt really great to talk to her and get her feedback. If Ann is indicative of the type of caring attitude at Lakeside I can see why the place gets such great reviews.

Review by Heather H.

Approximately one year ago, I moved my mother from a Southern California assisted living facility.  She has moderate dementia and after evaluating 2-3 facilities with specialized memory care, I selected Lakeside Park.   Lakeside Park has provided excellent care of my mother.  It is not an easy task to look after a family member with cognitive impairment, much a group of several individuals.  My mother’s condition not only stabilized, but I feel her cognition had slightly improved.  All of the staff members, including the front desk receptionists, housekeeping personnel, caregivers and management, were genuinely concerned with the welfare of the residents and responsive to my concerns.  I visited my mother frequently during the week and on weekends, and not once did any of the caregivers (known as “care partners”) demonstrate frustration, impatience or anger with any of the residents.  Lakeside offered a good variety of activities for residents, as well as excellent lectures and support for family members.  The chef is outstanding and prepared excellent tasting and nutritious meals. Lakeside Park has contracted with an excellent and dedicated physician who provides medical consultation for the facility.  However, there is a lack of onsite licensed nursing care which may impact on administration of certain medications and I would recommend family members discuss their specific situation with Lakeside Park. After much consideration and some sadness, I decided to relocate my mother to another facility in closer proximity to my home to live out her remaining years.  I hope that the new facility will be as good as Lakeside Park and will miss the people there.

Review by Ruth M.

My wife recently passed away.  She was a resident of Lakeside Park for three years. Her daughters, family members and I would visit her several times a week.  We were truly amazed at the care she and all of the residents received.  We would sit with her in the living areas and observed how the care givers administered to the individual needs of each of the guests.  Carole would wander the floor as if on a mission and they were always mindful of her wanderings taking care to redirect her as needed.  Everyone from the janitors, food service personnel, the care givers to the management staff and also including the volunteers who gave of their time and talents always did their best to make the guests feel at home and comfortable.  Carole passed away at Lakeside and everyone at Lakeside were especially helpful during this difficult process.  Hugs and tears were shared by the staff showing how deeply they felt about Carole…and everyone there for that matter.  We could not have been more pleased with Lakeside.  It is difficult to leave a loved one in such a place but rest assured that Lakeside met and exceeded our expectations.

Review by Rich L.

I am finally writing a (long over due) review of this exceptional facility. My mother has recently passed away after a long stay at Lakeside. I cannot more strongly recommend this facility. To begin, a review would be incomplete without mentioning the kindness and concern of the management team. I have rarely, if ever, met such wonderful people. They will treat your family member with respect and dignity. Additionally, they have a special ability to hire caregivers, as well as all staff, who are genuinely dedicated to their work. From kitchen staff, to maintenance workers, to front desk, you will never find a more caring and helpful crew. I have witnessed maintenance stall on numerous occasions stoping to chat with or, even dance with residents. The vast majority of care takers are loving, caring and take fabulous care of the residents. Dementia is a horrible disease, causing changes in behavior that are often devastating to residents and their families. All staff here understand this disease and work so hard to make it as positive as possible. Another brilliant aspect of Lakeside is the group of interns that work here while getting their hours leading up to MSW degrees. They might lead an art project, sing with residents, or just spend time one on one. This group also leads a support group for family members. In addition, residents will enjoy outings, live music and lots of joyful experiences. I don’t know how I can explain what a beautiful experience it was having my mom at Lakeside for 5 years. While my mom is gone, I will continue to maintain relationships with so many. Bottom line: if you have a loved one with the special needs dementia requires, then run don’t walk to Lakeside. You will never regret it.

Review by R.M.

Lakeside Park and its staff are second to none for dementia care. I had the privilege and pleasure of assisting a client for the last 8 years of her life as a resident at Lakeside Park and couldn’t be more pleased. The staff are stable, concerned, considerate and very caring. My client was cantankerous and beloved by the staff who embraced her unique personality and she loved them in her special way. Lines of communication are open and doors are open for problem-solving and team solutions. Even when hiccups occur, great care is taken to resolve to a satisfactory conclusion. The management team cares about their residents and I was even fortunate to have additional assistance as my clients’ move out was different than the norm and TJ and the team stepped up to make it happen smoothly and without a hitch. Anne is a bright shining star and Mila and her med techs keep everything humming along. I can’t say enough about the care staff – Glenda in particular – who was grace under pressure and unflappable always! Great organization and well run. Thanks Cheryl for upholding such a terrific building. Definitely able to recommend to anyone in need. My 5 star choice.

Review by Chris F.

My Best Friend has been residing here for over a year. From the day Ann welcomed her until today when I visited her, this has made me feel it is a wonderful place for Sharon. When she has had anxiety problems they knew what to do and helped her get comfortable. Other medical issues were immediately handled. When Sharon was in the hospital they sent flowers and cards. They treat her like a family member. I could go into detail about the activities and care she receives, but believe me, she is getting the best care anyone could ask for a love one. Thank you all at LP.

Review by Penelope H.

We are newbies to the Lakeside Park “community” but by no means greenhorns to the assisted living/memory care experience.  Both of my Grandmothers end days were spent in traditional skilled nursing facilities [SNF’s], my Father eventually had to move into a rehab/SNF due to his advancing Parkinson’s disease before passing, and my Mother has resided in an assisted living environment with memory care for the past two years after four years of home health care.  All four had, or have some form cognitive impairment as well compromises to their activities of daily living [ADL’s].

Our latest experience involved what can only be described as a three month ordeal locating an appropriate placement for my wife’s mother who has recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s/dementia.  Those who are reading this most likely are going through similar trials in determining what is best for your loved ones.  The emotional roller coaster that my wife and her sister are riding has been especially tolling. Observing the slow decline of memory loss we were able to provide the support in home for a number of years.  It finally came to a “critical mass” and the decision had to be made to move her out of her home of sixty five years.

Because my mother-in-law was pretty high functioning in many areas we initially thought she would thrive in an assisted living environment.  It did not take long before her “behavioral” issues required her to be moved to the more secure, memory care unit within the facility.  That did not go well either.  I must add at this point that those who have chosen careers in adult/elder care truly have a calling and we found this to be true everywhere we went.

All of the doctors and other professionals were recommending a more secure, specialized memory care unit beyond what could be provided within assisted living based care.  We looked at more than a dozen over a months time.  Not one measured up to standard that we would even remotely consider. Those that were maybes were fully occupied with waiting lists.  One we were working with suggested we call her friend Anne at Lakeside Park.

Anne was inviting and easy to talk to over the phone.  We scheduled a tour the same day and she was even more inviting in person.  The reception staff was remarkable and called us by name when we arrived for the first time.  During the two hour visit and tour we were introduced to many of the management and staff members.  All, without exception greeted and engaged us in the same manner as Anne.  At first we thought this was just all a part of the “dog and pony” show for the tour.  It turned out not the case at all.  They are the ones with that special calling I referred to earlier.  They love what they do and do it well, and it shows.

Aside from the personnel who are without question the engine that makes it all work, the physical design of the building is unlike any other we had seen.  It makes so much sense.  The orientation, the colors, the use of space all make it feel so unlike the more “traditional facilities” we had visited.  There was a room at the Inn and we left a deposit that day.  On the way home my wife commented that Lakeside Park was the first place we been to that did not make her feel sick to her stomach.  Believe me, that is saying a lot!

In my book you only get one chance to make a first impression.  It was a good one from the start and there has been no reason to change it.  My mother-in-law has been there for just one month, like I said, we are newbies.  I cannot say that the transition has been easy for her but she is having more better days than bad which is a huge improvement.  Much of that is due to the care plan and individual attention that from what we have observed so far, is given to all of the residents.

We recognize the challenges in providing memory care.  It is without a doubt a terrible disease.  Just finding a community with Lakesides standard of care and physical plant has taken a tremendous load off of our families shoulders.  My wife is actually getting some full nights sleep for the first time in months knowing that her mom is in good hands.  I am sure that her sister feels the same.

The value added by the Intern Program is something yet to be measured but again my first impression is that it is more than just “fluff” and gives additional program support not only to the residents, but to the extended families as well.  Extra bonus points for that!

So….a big thank you to everyone at Lakeside, you are the engine that makes the machinery run as smoothly as possible.  We do not expect perfection, but so far my first impressions are holding true.

Review by Gene D.
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