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Sand Tray Therapy at Lakeside Park

Below are pictures of Sand Tray Therapy in action at Lakeside Park with a resident and intern Emilee. In Sand Tray Therapy (Sandplay), a scene is made from figures and objects are placed in a box of sand. The construction of the scene is guided almost entirely by the choices made by the hands of the client, while the analyst watches nearby in respectful silence.

Developed by Swiss Jungian Analyst Dora Kalff, Sandplay is a form of therapy that gives residents the opportunity to portray, rather than verbalize, feelings and experiences often inaccessible and/or difficult to express in words. Sandplay also provides a balance to the extraverted, verbal, and outer-focused everyday world. In the midst of an age and time that rushes toward the future, the simplicity and depth of Sandplay helps maintain a place of internal integrity as well as a sanctuary for contact with the symbolic world out of which can emerge a healing experience.

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