Stories Told Through the Eyes of the Residents

By Marsha Peoples, March 19th, 2014

Time Slips is the name of a group we hold every other Friday. Storytelling groups are the most fun, because we get to experience what other people see when they look at a photo. We ask open-ended questions: “What are they doing? What are their names? Where are they going?” and are thus allowed into the minds of our residents. When one looks at something—whether it be a church, a dog, or a person—the photo brings up memories and evokes wonderful conversation. It is so much fun to listen to what comes up for everyone. I encourage you to join the group at least once. You will love it! Our residents do, and their stories are in a book Susannah Wood created called Hodgepodge. Here’s one recent story our residents told:

He Escaped
The bull’s going after him, but he’s not in the water. He’s jumping on the edge. He’s very scared. He’s gonna jump in, and the bull might hurt him. He’s got his eyes rolled back like he’s scared. His name is Bill.

His arms are up. His head is turning to his right. He’s shouting, “Please help!” There are people standing behind a boat looking.

Some negligent caretaker left the door open, and the bull got out. Bill was the only one around.

I don’t think he’s got a chance, says Manny.

Norman says, the bull’s very hungry. He looks like he might be surfing. Bill better swim very fast. The bull might land right on top of Bill.

Anyone know anything about bull behavior; can they swim? Says Susannah.

I rode an elephant once, but not for long, says Muriel.

Betty says that cows follow each other to shelter. Bulls will fight or come after you, says Betty. My Dad had to get rid of some of them.

Patricia says that the bull has horns to protect his head.

What happens? The bull jumps in and swims around. Or the bull is going to drown. The owner made a mistake. Bill’s fast; he’s gonna get away.

That’s a lot of bull, but it’s a good story.

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