Thrive Dining™ Chef Demonstration and Tasting Luncheon

We had a pretty good turn out for the last Thrive Dining™ event held in July.

Thrive Dining™ is restoring independence and the joy of dining for individuals with cognitive and neuromuscular disorders. Using a revolutionary patent pending process, Chef Joseph Ferrer transformed our own high quality, freshly prepared, gourmet menu items into tasty, nutritionally balanced, one and two-bite hors d’oeuvres. We featured selections such as Chef Salad Bites, Beef Wellington Turnovers and Panko breadcrumb crusted Tilapia Rounds,
all intended to be eaten by hand. Main courses are invitingly plated with additional fresh julienne vegetables, savory dipping sauces and condiments, transforming the traditional meal into healthful, mouthwatering, easy to eat finger foods.

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