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Thrive Dining™ Demonstration A Success

Chef and Dining Services Director, Joseph Ferrer spoke with attendees about Lakeside Park’s all new Thrive Dining™ program. He discussed this innovative dining experience and how Lakeside Park is using this to enhance the lives of our residents. At the beginning of the event, the staff removed all of the utensils from the tables, and told the crowd this is “hands only.” This allowed attendees to understand how residents will feel while eating the newly prepared Thrive Dining™ meals. Now, favorite foods can be enjoyed without assistance, without utensils and without distractions from the task at hand: enjoying a meal with family or friends.

“The magic of Thrive Dining is that we can use our own, high quality, freshly prepared menu items and transform them into incredibly tasty, nutritionally balanced, protein packed meals. They are served as one-bite and two-bite hors d’oeuvres, intended to be eaten by hand. It’s that simple and that brilliant.” – Rob Bobbitt National Director of Dining, Watermark Retirement Communities


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